Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ramayana Ballet - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

After visiting Borobodur and Prambanan in the morning, a couple friends and I watched the Ramayana Ballet at Purawisata in Yogyakarta.  We were told that the show at Purawisata was much better than anywhere else.  It was the perfect night to watch the show too.  The Ramayana Ballet is only shown during a full moon.  We happened to choose the right night to visit Yogyakarta!

We didn't want to eat dinner at Purawisata to save money, so instead we only watched the show which cost approximmately $14.00 ...  Then, we sat on stone benches and watched a mesmerizing performance.

While we were watching the show, I thought it was incredible, although I wish I had read a little more about the storyline.  Now, I know a little more, but for me to explain it would be a bad idea, so here's the tale for yourself: 

Ramayana Ballet

They say that the Ramayana Ballet is Asia's version of Romeo Juliet.  It is a story from India's ancient Sanskrit epic, the Ramayana.

In the begining, a man came out to bless the area before ballet began.  I would soon find out why. 

As we were watching the show, there was a scene with little kids in it.  One of them kept on messing up, which was too funny.  But afterward, one of the kids dressed as a monkey jumped onto a wall and climbed the roof, running.  He almost fell off the roof and a tourist tried running towards him, opening his arms to catch him.  An older child immediately followed to grab the little kid.  My friend sitting next to me seemed completely freaked out.  I assumed it was a part of the show that the child run onto the roof, so I was amazed by the performance.  However, i'm not so sure anymore.

We were all completely confused about the scene and later decided that maybe it was a mistake?  You tell me.  I'm still confused because some of our other friends who've watched the show said that it's a part of the scene, but others who watched it a couple weeks after us said they don't remember watching a kid run onto a roof and almost fall.  The next time I watch the show, i'll know for sure I guess! 

There was also a dramatic fire scene.  I'm glad nothing too crazy happened then.

The way everyone in the Ramayana Ballet performed was astonishing.  I can only imagine the number of years it must take to become a performer.  While the performance is happening, Gamelan music is being played in the background, adding to the performance in the most hypnotic way.

Although the performance was rather long, I felt that I was only sitting there momentarily.  I was completely immersed into the show that by the time it was over, I couldn't believe it.  It went too fast, but I was able to walk away from the Ramayana Ballet completely satisfied.

I fulfilled another 101 in 1001 goals by watching the ballet too.  I've seen the nut cracker before, but now I've seen the Ramayana Ballet.  One day, i'll return to watch another performance, but for now i'll enjoy the memories I  have of the incredible time spent amongst friends in the beautiful city of Yogyakarta.

After the performance, you can take pictures with the characters.  It's a lot of fun!  I thought the people infront of us were too funny when they took their picture. 


  1. That's so cool! It is great that you got to see that performance!

  2. Very cool! I love watching dancing. If I find myself in Yogyakarta during the full moon, I'll be sure to look it up :)

  3. may i post this article to purawisata jogja sites?

  4. Hello Miftah! Yes, you can link it to your site. =) Thanks!


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