Saturday, August 7, 2010

Black Rice Pudding

A famous Balinese dessert, Bubur Injin or Black Rice Pudding is an amazing treat to satisfy your cravings for something sweet, yet unique. 

Since it takes several hours to prepare, oftentimes it's much easier to enjoy at a restaurant or to purchase at a warung.  The first time I had Black Rice Pudding, I thought it was an unusual dessert, but I liked it.  It was different and had a subtle sweet taste that I enjoyed.  Oftentimes, I have cravings for super sweet foods here, but it's almost impossible to find very sweet desserts.  Instead, Bubur Injin helped satisfy some of my cravings.

Bubur Injin is made with boiled black and white rice.  It's topped with sweet coconut milk, while it sometimes also includes banana. 


  1. Mmm, sounds pretty good. I don't know if I've ever had black rice before.

    I just went to the restaurant Spices on King Street (between University and Kapiolani) for the first time and had a very good and interesting meal, which included taro shoots and durian ice cream. I made a post on it here:

  2. Hey Mary do you know that we have the same food like that here in the Philippines? We call it "Champorado" here! I love eating this hot when it's raining.

  3. Eleni, nice post on Spices! I'll have to try the place sometime. You should try Black Rice Pudding. It's so good!

    Mishieru, you guys have that in the Philippines? wow, I didn't know that. It's so good! I'll have to visit the Philippines one of these days. hehe

  4. interesting, we have this kind of food like what "mishieru" commented about, its basically sticky rice boiled in milk & a type of chocolate, it then turns into something that looks similar to your photo, served hot or cold & you can add milk & sugar to it! =D

  5. Look very interesting! It is actually common in several SE Asian countries with that dish. I had something like that in Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan before.


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