Friday, April 16, 2010

The Best Cream Puffs in Hawaii - Liliha Bakery

Liliha Bakery is one of the Hawaii's most popular and well-known bakeries.  It's a bakery that has been around for a long time and one that continues to have loyal, returning customers.

I've always known Liliha Bakery to be popular for their cocoa puffs, one of the most amazing cream puffs ever!  Cocoa puffs have chocolate pudding inside and are topped with chantily.  It's a classic item, if not a comfort food for those of you who are familiar with Liliha Bakery's cocoa puffs.

I wasn't on a mission to get cocoa puffs this time (although I did have one).   I wanted to eat breakfast and try Liliha Bakery's pancakes since I heard they were some of the best according to my sister and her friend.

I had a major craving for pancakes in the morning, so after an event, I had to stop by since I wouldn't normally wake up early on a Satuday.  After parking and entering the bakery, I noticed there were cutomers galore and it was only 0630 a.m.   I couldn't believe how early people wake up to eat at Liliha Bakery, but I can understand why.  It reminds me of a small town diner, where people like to eat at because it offers the comfort and simplicity of home.

Even though I desperately wanted pancakes, because of my addiction to French Toast, I changed my mind last minute.  I had to have French Toast.  I promise I will try the pancakes next time though.  I also had a cocoa puff and tried one of their other pastries.  I was happily stuffed.

Hello Kitty cookies!

If you want to cheer people up, buy a dozen cocoa puffs to share.

I could eat a cocoa puff for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

I love small businesses like Liliha Bakery because they have some of the most unique items. Liliha Bakery also reminds me of the past in many ways because unlike the many chain restaurants around today, it is a small business that continues to thrive because of its long history. 

Where else in the world can I enjoy a cocoa puff? I really hope Liliha Bakery stays in business for a very long time 


  1. So many yummy pastries! Wish I could get some.

  2. So many yummy pastries! Wish I could get some.


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