Monday, April 5, 2010

4 Kings Sushi Bar & Green Papaya Cuisine - Waialae Avenue, Hawaii

Happy Easter! 

My friend gave up alcohol for lent, so i am sure he would love to get smashed tonight.  I would love to hang out and be among friends too.  It's always fun and a great way to end a wonderful weekend.  But at the same time, it's cold, rainy, and i'm getting sleepy, so I guess we'll see about tonight. Tomorrow will be an early day for me afterall.

Earlier in the day, however, I did go to 4 Kings, a restaurant on Waialae Avenue.  Since running the 10k on Saturday, my appetite has been insane.  I ate nearly 7 times yesterday and today, I can't seem to stop either.  I wanted a snack before hanging out with friends, but I ended indulging in a humongous meal at 4 Kings instead.

Enter through the back door if you are parking in the lot behind the restaurant.  Don't worry, it's nice inside of the restaurant, even if it is a bit dark entering through the back door.

It's very clean and comfortable at 4 Kings.  Everyone is very friendly too.

I had sweet potato tapioca with crushed peanuts on top.  It was really good.

Ordering a combination meal is like scoring a deal.  I had lemon grass fish with miso soup, salad, kimchi, rice, two egg rolls, and two wontons.  The lemon grass fish is beyond excellent.  It's hard to find lemon grass dishes as flavorful, but this one was one of the best I've had.

The beef pho is also very good at 4 Kings. 

Add $3.50 and you can get two egg rolls, two wontons, and kimchi to complement your pho.

It was quiet in 4 Kings tonight since it was only about 5:00 p.m.  At first, I was a bit hesitant about the place.  I wasn't sure what type of food they offered and I imagined the inside of the restaurant to be a bit run down, but I was wrong.

Inside, it was extremely clean and the atmosphere pleasant.  I felt like I was at home in there because it was very laid back.  4 Kings also offers Vietnamese, Japanese, Vegetarian, and some Korean dishes. I was surprised by all of the choices and quickly realized that this restaurant just might be one of my new favorites.

I will have to return to try more options.  Where else can I go to eat Vietnamese and Japanese food? They are two of my top favorites.

Lately, I've been in the mood to try out the "hole in the wall" restaurants.  In my pursuit of finding great restaurants in Hawaii, I am happy to have found 4 Kings. The service was wonderful tonight, as well as the food.  It was very reasonable and the portions huge, so I walked away full and happy.


  1. This surely look like a place with great food!

  2. Thanks John! I was surprised by the food. It was really good, especially for the price. If you ever visit Hawaii again, I'd recommend this place! =)


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