Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ryan's Bar & Grill - Hawaii

For lunch today, I wanted to eat somewhere other than the usual.  Since I had a $20 gift card for Ryan's Bar and Grill, it was the perfect place to eat at!

Ryan's Bar & Grill is at Ward Centre in Honolulu, Hawaii.

A multi-award winning restaurant, Ryan's isn't only a great place for lunch or dinner, but the perfect place to hang out for drinks and appetizers (especially after work!).

I was surprised that the staff wasn't picky about seating.  We chose the place we wanted to sit at for lunch (next to a window).  It was pretty empty since it was 3 p.m.  Most people were having drinks & snacking on appetizers.  The waiter didn't care if we ordered off the lunch or dinner menu.  It was very laid-back and the service was exellent!  The staff was very friendly, while the restaurant very clean.

Before our meal, we were given bread sticks.  It was toasted & buttery with garlic and herbs.  My husband quickly grabbed one as soon as it hit the table.

There's nothing like crab cakes ...

I ordered a lunch special.  It came with a mango salad, a drink (coffee, tea, or soda), and 1 select entre. I chose the 1/2 king crab and artichoke sandwich.  It was GOOD and a deal.  It cost $14.00 for my meal.

My sandwich was good. It reminded me of shrimp toast, except with mayo. 

My husband chose "Kalbi," which is Korean style beef short ribs.  For picky eaters, Kalbi is a good choice because it has subtle flavors (delicious) that almost anyone on earth can appreciate. 

While eating dinner, my husband noticed that our gift card had expired.  I wish I used it sooner!   Ryan's can be a little more costly than other restaurants, but the food is great and the service too.  I enjoyed eating here and I would highly recommend it.  It's a great place to take a date or to hang out with friends. 

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