Tuesday, October 20, 2009

IchiBen Restaurant - Pearl City, Hawaii (Awesome Noodles!)

As we drove around, starving, we finally decided to head into "IchiBen," a new restaurant in Pearl City, Hawaii between Yogurt Land and IHOP.

Inside fo the restaurant, it's casual and clean.  There are booths (the most comfortable) and of course, regular seating as seen below.  I could only get a corner shot of the restaurant since I didn't want to be intrusive, while people were eating. 

The service at IchiBen was above average.  Our server was extremely polite and attentive.  It's rare to find that kind of service nowadays, so eating at IchiBen was refreshing. 

There are a number of ramen (noodle) dishes with three types of broth. Shoyu (soy sauce), Miso (bean paste), and Paitan (simmered pork soup).  Choose the type of ramen you want (i.e. vegetable, mabo tofu, seafood, etc) with your favorite soup base.  The items on the menu are reasonable.

There are also side dishes, such as gyoza, chicken katsu curry, friend rice, and more.

We ordered fried rice and gyoza.  Of course, we ate the gyoza faster than I could take a photo!  The fried rice was really good too. I'd recommend both.

My husband ordered seafood ramen.  My husband likes vietnamese noodles (pho) more than any other noodle dish, but he actually admitted that he loved IchiBen's ramen and that he would return. I was shocked because rarely does he want to eat ramen noodles.  He even mentioned how he thinks Ichiben is better than some of the top ramen shops he's been to and I would agree.

I ordered the vegetable ramen.  The noodles tasted homemade. They were SO good!  There was wakame (seaweed) in my soup, as well as green vegatables and corn.  I'm not a big fan of wakame, but everything else was perfect.

Of course, my meal could not be complete unless I went next door to Yogurt Land.  After a great meal at Ichiben, I topped it off with yogurt. I was completely satisfied and stuffed.

It was time to take a nap ...

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