Friday, August 14, 2009

Quiet Days in Texas

Lately, I haven't done much! Although I am still enjoying my stay in the small Texas town that I'm in, there sure isn't a lot for me to do right now. I still love it though.

It's so cool to see rabbits everywhere ... They are everywhere and it's awesome. In Hawaii, we only keep rabbits as pets and there definitely aren't any rabbits, deer, racoons, and other creatures roaming around. There are also a ton of crickets here I noticed. I still have to capture the awesome sunrise here too.

I don't have a car right now, but luckily I've been able to at least visit a Star Bucks and had the chance to eat at Olive Garden and Chilis too (Thank Goodness). One of my friends has a car, so once in a great while she'll ask to go out. Oftentimes, she says she is anti-social, but when she is in the mood to go someplace, i'm so happy!

Since being here, I've watched "The Ugly Truth" and "Funny People." Both movies were great and super funny! There's a bus, luckily, that I catch to the mall. The mall is very small, but I'm glad there's at least one around here! I definitely miss my car.

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