Monday, August 3, 2009

Extremely Hot Texas Days

Lately, it has been extremely hot here in Texas! It hit 100 degrees already and will get worse. I guess I'll get to finally experience extreme heat! Walking to the store for even 10 minutes can make you feel uneasy. I have to periodically stop to hang out under a tree or two before continuing my walk to the store. Luckily, everything is in close distance! I cannot imagine how hot it must be for people who actually do live in the desert with temperatures at 120 degrees. It's insane.

I noticed there are a ton of movie theaters everywhere! It seems like a good idea to go to the movies especially when it's hot. I've been drinking water and juice like crazy to avoid dehydration. Today, one of my classmates had a bad headache. I definitely think she needs to drink more water.

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