Monday, August 24, 2009

Texas Tax-Free Weekend

I love shopping and this past weekend, it was all about tax-free shopping! In Hawaii, I've never experienced "tax-free" anything, so it was great to shop in Dallas on Saturday!

The mall was extremely crowded, but I could care less. I bought my first pair of boots! I'm definitely heading back to the mall for another pair. I also had the chance to buy a couple more clothes, which I definitely need since I only came here with about 3 dresses since it was the lightest thing to carry.

Besides the shopping, on our two hour drive to Dallas, I noticed the most incredibly beautiful homes and apartments. They were also ridiculously affordable compared to Hawaii rates. I only wish I could live in such beautiful homes too!

I haven't written for the longest time since I've had a ton of homework and especially because my internet connection here isn't the greatest. However, this past weekend has been awesome!

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