Sunday, September 20, 2009

USAF Thunderbirds, Hickam AFB, Hawaii

The other day, I saw the US Air Force Thunderbirds practicing, as I was driving on the freeway. They soared through the sky, flying at insane speeds. They twirled, flew upside down, and pulled some manuevers that made heads turn. I knew I had to see the Thunderbirds this weekend!

On the 19th-20th of September, the Thunderbirds were scheduled to begin their Far East tour starting with Hawaii. I couldn't miss the show.
At 1500 today, I finally saw the Thunderbirds in action! Hickam Air Force Base welcomed residents and tourists alike, showcasing military aircraft and the Thunderbirds from a flightline view. Here are some of my photos:

It's amazing to see the amount of skill these pilots possess! They look as if they will collide, but they soar past each other with such precision.

I was happy to have captured a close-up photo. It's a little too close, but I was more than happy to have snapped this one! I'm also glad I was given ear plugs because the Thunderbirds are LOUD.

During the show, the Thunderbirds pulled incredible stunts to honor and thank those who are deployed and the veterans who have served.

The show was incredible! The Thunderbirds are amazing and I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel for the pilots who have been given an incredible opportunity to fly on tour for the USAF, showcasing their exceptional talent.

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