Friday, September 18, 2009

Texas I Will Miss You!

My 6 weeks in Texas went by far too quickly. While 99.9% of the people I knew hated being in Texas, I absolutely loved it. Many complained of boredom because there was "nothing to do" in the small town we lived. However, I had a blast!

For 6 weeks, I had the chance to experience something other than life in Hawaii. I met a ton of people throughout the US, including students from around the world. I had the chance to experience affordable shopping, which I definitely found quite amazing. Where else can I buy 3 bell peppers for $1.96? I was in heaven while in Texas because shopping is more than affordable. It was cheap!

I actually bought my first pair of boots in Texas and now have two. Of course, I scored some awesome deals! I even purchased Steve Madden shoes for $10, when they were definitely much more. Shopping in Texas was incredible. Normally, you have to dig for great sales items on the sales rack, but this definitely wasn't the case in Texas. Everything was affordable. I would pass countless stores with sales signs. Food was cheap too! I didn't think twice about eating out. Texas, I will definitely miss you!

Now that I've returned from my stay in Texas, I'll have to upload more pictures and write more blogs. I didn't have a chance to write much while in school because I had an extremely poor connection on my laptop. After an hour, my laptop would burn out and shut itself off. I'm happy to be back home, so that I can catch up on my writing!

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