Monday, September 21, 2009

AF Static Display of Aircraft

While the Thunderbirds were the highlight of today's showcasing, there were numerous aircraft on display for the event.   You can find a photo of any aircraft from any military in the world, on-line.  However, there's nothing like being able to actually see an aircraft from a photo, in real-life. 

I have never seen the aircraft below, an AEW&C.

The C-5 is HUGE, isn't it?

A ton of people looking around inside the C-5...

The plane below looks a lot more comfortable to fly in ... I wonder what it looks like inside!

The F-22 ... one of the most advanced aircraft in the world.  I would love to see it fly!

A US Marines helicopter ...

A DC-10 on display

A ton of people watching the Thunderbirds as they soar through the sky ... Many  found shade under the aircraft's wing to keep out of the sun.

It was interesting to see a static display of aircraft at today's event.  It was my first time!  When I was standing near an F-15, I heard a couple ask "Is this the aircraft from Top Gun?"  The volunteer answered, "No, that was an F-14."  I definitely learned something today.

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