Friday, September 18, 2009

Buffalo Wild Wings

While in Texas, my friends and I enjoyed hanging out at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was my first time eating at Buffalo Wild Wings and I absolutely loved it. There's nothing like the Honey BBQ wings! There are a ton of sauces to choose from, depending on what you are in the mood for. I've tried the garlic and it was good too, but I'm still in love with the Honey BBQ. I would highly recommend it.

Besides chicken wings, there are other dishes you may enjoy. There's a rib/wing combo, as seen below. I don't know if I'd recommend the ribs, since two of my friends didn't seem to enjoy them too much, but you never know! Personally, the ribs made me want to puke because they smelled like bologna.

The chicken wings, of course, are a must.

One of the dishes I ordered was the "Buffalitos." It's basically chicken taco wraps. It was a great dish! It was affordable and filling.

For many, there's nothing like a nice cold beer after work or school. There's a variety of beer available and other alcoholic drinks.
For those of you who know me, I'm not a drinker. However, I did have a red Sangria. It was awesome! I've also tried the "ungrateful dead" and the "Bahama Mama." The ungrateful dead tastes like gummy bears to some. It's a bit sour. The Bahama Mama reminds me of grape fruit.

More indulgent wings ...

If you see a Buffalo Wild Wings, you may want to check it out! It's a great place to hang out at. It's a sports bar/restaurant and a great hang out spot.
The only thing I didn't enjoy about Buffalo Wild Wings - in Texas - is that there were smokers all around! The air wasn't the best quality. If you have a headache, it can get pretty loud inside too, so you may want to take an Advil. Other than that, it was fun, the food was great, and I enjoyed it a lot.

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