Saturday, September 26, 2009

Is My Cat Normal??

I have two cats.  Both are complete opposites!

Christmas is the typical cat that doesn't like to be bothered by others.  He hangs out by himself and hides whenever company comes around.  He is also scared of everything. I now understand how the term "scaredy cat" might have originated.  Most likely from cats like Christmas! Ruffling a plastic bag will make Christmas jump in the air and run like there's no tomorrow. Christmas isn't the friendliest cat; he can hide for weeks before coming out, if in the company of a stranger.  He also doesn't play with any cat toys, almost as if he's too good for them.  Christmas is a very well-mannered, easy cat to take care of.  The typical cat.

My other cat, however, is the complete opposite.  Egg Roll is friendly, loves attention, and refuses to be left alone.   Egg Roll isn't scared of people and approaches strangers fearlessly.  When giving Egg Roll a bath, he is actually quite calm!  Once he gets used to the water, he sits in the tub patiently until his bath is over.  Egg Roll loves to play and is still easily entertained. Unfortunately, he tends to bite!

Egg Roll's behavior is similar to that of a dog.  He's very forgiving, loyal, and friendly.  Egg Roll will eat just about anything too.  We give him cat food, but somehow Egg Roll manages to sneak in a few bites of human food.  We definitely cannot leave anything out or else Egg Roll will somehow manage to eat it. 

Is my cat Egg Roll normal?

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