Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Egg Shortage

Never would I have imagined a shortage of plastic easter eggs the day before Easter! I desperately needed easter eggs, but none were available anywhere! It was quite an interesting day. I looked for plastic easter eggs at 6 different stores, but all were sold out!

I looked from store to store, getting rear-ended by another car in the process! I also ran into one of my classmates who shared a similar predicament. We ran into each other at two of the same stores, searching frantically for whatever we could find. After a while, it started to become quite ridiculous. There were many others searching for baskets, plastic eggs, cellophane, and "grass," but most places had already sold out. Fortunately, at the 6th store I looked at, there was a bag of pre-filled easter eggs that I had found after searching every aisle carefully several times. Out of desperation, I purchased a bag of 28 pre-filled easter eggs for $10 bucks.

I still need plastic easter eggs for a party we are hosting this weekend, but now all I can do is beg for plastic easter eggs my co-workers kids do not want anymore! Fortunately, I have been able to collect 10 extra eggs, which have been dispersed throughout my desk. For some odd reason, people love to hide them.

Never again will I wait till the last minue. Fortunately, however, with enough donated eggs and the ones I already purchased, I'll be able to meet my minum goal!

I am ecstatic about the upcoming event and hope the children who we are hosting the party for will have a great time. In the end, that is all that really matters!

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