Wednesday, April 15, 2009

California Lemon Pound Cake

I finally made my first poundcake in a fluted pan! I love baking and the fact that my poundcake actually looked edible! It tasted awesome and everyone seemed to love it (unlike my disastrous pie that I couldn't even eat).

After mixing all the ingredients, I put it in my pan. The pan cost $24 bucks. I am not sure if that's reasonable, but luckily there's a lifetime warrany on it.

The secret ingredient definitely has to be the lemon extract and the lemon peel! And of course, the fresh lemons used for the frosting.

Finally, I put my pound cake in the stove to bake for 70 minutes! I know it takes quite a long time, but it's totally worth it in the end.

The final product! An edible, lemon pound cake for everyone to enjoy. It tasted fresh since it was baked from scratch and using real lemons for the frosting helped add a special touch to it.

Everyone really seemed to enjoy it! I was so happy that my first pound cake turned out well!

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