Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Great Aloha Run 2011

Although I am usually on the volunteering end, passing water to runners or working to contain the crowds, I finally decided to run in the Great Aloha Run for the first time.  Now I can cross out one of the items on my 101 in 1001 list.

The Great Aloha Run begins at Aloha Tower and ends at the Aloha Stadium.  It is approximately 8 miles. The event helps raise money for various charities throughout the islands, so the money you pay to participate in the run is completely worth it.  It is for a good cause and it helps motivate you to stay in shape.

Since I have always been on the volunteering end, I never had a chance to experience the run until yesterday.  It was an amazing run!

In the morning, I woke up at 4:00 a.m., so I could head to the stadium and catch a bus.  It took forever to get into the parking lot and even longer to wait in line for a bus.  But after getting onto the bus and stepping foot in Honolulu, I could feel the anticipation. I was ready to run!

During the run, I had to weave between walkers and runners.  There were so many people!  I felt energetic though, especially as I saw the volunteers who cheered everyone on.  There were bands playing and volunteers passing out water. Watanbe Flowers passed out roses too, which I thought was really sweet. I would have grabbed one if my hands were not full. 

I really hate carrying things while running, but I had no choice to but run with my phone and a backpack!

I also love how people dress up for the Great Aloha Run.  I noticed there weren't a lot of people dressed up this year compared to years before, but I did see some interesting costumes.  The best costume I saw this year was Avatar.  I wish I had a picture!

I wish I could have taken more photos too, but my camera phone was acting up.  However, I did catch a view of the freeway.  By this point, I had run approximately 6 miles.

There's nothing greater than running 8 miles and finally seeing the finish line!  Once you reach the tunnel, right before entering the Aloha Stadium, people start cheering. 

As great as it felt to run past the finish line, it was an even better feeling to receive all of the treats and a finisher t-shirt.  I felt so happy to have finished running.  I was also ready for a nap. 

If I'm still in Hawaii next December and not overseas, then I would love to run in the Great Aloha Run again!  I would recommend anyone participate.  It is so much fun!


  1. I ran the Great Aloha Run this year for the first time, too. Man, you are right...the energy of the crowd does pump you UP!

    I'm glad you had fun, I wish I saw Avatar...all I saw was these solders wearing their full gear, that's about it.

  2. Great that you participated the run and completed it! Surely a good way to enjoy sunny weather!


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