Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Love China Town Festival - Honolulu, Hawaii

On Saturday, I spent time with some friends at the I Love China Town Festival.  The event is held in China Town in celebration of Chinese New Year.  

The festival began on Friday and ended Saturday night.  There was entertainment, food, a parade, and more to ring in 2011 -The Year of the Rabbit.  It was my first time at the festival and I'm so glad I went.  It was a great opportunity to experience a Chinese New Year celebration in the heart of China Town. 

One of the best parts of the festival was the food.  I over indulged.  It was hard not to with all of the delicious fried food around.  The price of each item was also very reasonable.  I have been to many other festivals and the food booths at the I Love China Town Festival were unbelievable. 

I had a chance to try many new foods too.  I now know exactly what I want to eat the next time I visit China Town, which will be very soon.

Although the food was good, I can't say I loved the drink I purchased.  It was $3.00 and tasted like a seaweed syrup concoction.  I had to carry it around the entire time since my friend said she would drink it later, although it is currently sitting in my fridge. 

I got a lot of questions about the drink as I walked around.  People wanted to know what type of drink it was since it looked like an aquarium inside.  It is a drink I would not recommend (for most people at least).

The crowds were insane at the festival. I  love people, but not when we are smashed together like sardines and everyone becomes pushy.

The parade was beautiful to watch, although it was challenging to see anything from behind the crowds.  There were people everywhere! Fortunately, a nice police officer let me take photos in front of the crowds, in one of the most perfect spots.

Isn't this cute?  These girls were watching the lion dancers perform at the festival.

Happy New Year!


  1. Cool! Maybe I'll check it out next year :)

  2. Yes, you have to check it out next Year!! You'll love it!! I would go early for parking though. Park at the cultural plaza for the best rates. It was so worth it.

  3. That's so nice! Wish I could be there! Stuck in 5 feet snow for Chinese New Year. Sigh

  4. Awe, I missed all the fun. During that weekend, I went to Hilo for a presentation. I wish I could've gone, but after reading your post, I felt like I was there. HAHA.

    Thanks for the cool post!

  5. John, maybe one day you can come to HI for New Years! =) Snow sounds so nice, but wow! 5 feet is a lot! LOL

    Jen, I'm sure you'll have an awesome post on Hilo! I love Hilo!!!

  6. Hi Mary, have you finished your aquarium drink yet? This is your mother. Heh, heh, actually Willow. Nice reading your blog!

  7. Willow!!! How are you doing?? Thanks for the comment. Actually, my friend offered to drink it. Thank goodness LOL

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I miss you posting things! LOL. I know, blogging is hard when you have a life.

    Anyways, I awarded you "Stylish Blogger" award. I wrote a post about it. If you want, you can check it out.

  9. I'm so jealous that you get to live in Hawaii. I'm missing out on all the fun island life!


  10. Thanks Deb! Hopefully, you'll stop by Hawaii in the future.

    Thanks Jen for the award! I'll be sure to write more soon =)


Thank you for your comments!


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