Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa Monica Pier, CA

When thinking of California, the Santa Monica Pier is an image that comes to mind.  It is a beautiful pier with a stunning view of the beach.  Although it was too cold to enter the water, it was nice to watch the waves crash along the shore, as birds flew overhead in the most lovely way.

After visiting the Santa Monica Pier, I did learn a few things.  For one, the Pier's wood creeks and you can easily step onto a bolt and trip.  It almost happened to me.  Second, the water in September is extremely cold.  I did not see a single swimmer in the ocean.  Third, there is an amusement park there.

I would love to return to the beach during the summer.  However, the 20 minutes I spent at the Santa Monica Pier during the freezing month of September was enough to satisfy my curiosity, at least for now.

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