Monday, December 27, 2010

Flying Fox Adventure - Salatiga Indonesia

I'm scared of heights. I wasn't always scared of heights, but the older I get, it seems the more fearful I become.  However, I didn't let it stop me this summer when I went on a flying fox adventure on my last day of class in Indonesia.

What's flying fox? In the US, we call it "zip line."  Although I'm scared of heights, I didn't let it stop me from participating.  In fact, I enjoyed the obstacle course a lot, but after two courses, it was enough for me!  It wasn't only a zip line adventure, but an obstacle course with nets, tunnels, and more.  It was tough and after completing the second course, I definitely did not want to continue on the more difficult courses: red and black.  I was already tired, bruised, and I hit my head.  It's a rough course, but a lot of fun. I was exhausted.

Although professionals help you put on the harness, the rest is all up to you.  You are taught how to hook yourself up to a cable cord safely, then you are expected to begin zipping away. 

I thought it was interesting that we had to pray before beginning the course! 

The course itself was within a wooded area.  When "flying" through the woods, I felt I would nearly hit a tree or two because of how close our cable line was to our surroundings.  If I had been larger, I am sure I would have hit a tree!  The twists and turns of the course, however, made it even more exciting.

I even had to crawl in a tunnel high up in the air and use a net to get to the other side of an obstacle, which felt almost impossible as I looked down below.  I was stuck in the air and it took me nearly 15 minutes to get across with the help of a friend, telling me how to move step-by-step, until I made it safely to the next tree platform.

I was completely ready to take a break but there was no way of getting down. I could not get down, but had to zip across two more cable lines before I was finished with the course.  The first time, I made it across the cable line safely.  The second time, however, I ended up hitting my head, as my foot slipped when I was trying to stop myself from hitting a tree.  At that point, I was more than ready to take a break.

I wish I had more photos, but this is the only one I have at the moment.  It is a blurry photo of me, zip lining down from a tree to the other side. 


  1. Ooh, that sounds like fun, though pretty scary. You're so adventurous!

  2. Zip line is so fun! Great that yo did it!

  3. It was a lot of fun and scary LOL I didn't want to hold back though since it was our last day of school and that was our activity LOL There's a zip line that goes over mountains in Hawaii ... It looks fun, although I might be shaking. hehehehe


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