Saturday, June 5, 2010

Laniakea Beach - Hawaii

Last weekend, I went on a fun photo walk to the North Shore. One of the places we stopped at is Laniakea Beach, known for its turtles.

Imagine snorkeling here and having an opportunity to be up-close with turtles.  Of course, you do have to keep your distance, but it is an incredible experience. 

Although most people respect marine life, there are some people who may not always understand the concept.  I saw a lady "accidentally" run into a turtle because she got far too close. From what I could see, it looked like she had been chasing it.  Although turtles are friendly creatures, they can bite if threatened.  It's also illegal to harrass turtles.  They are beautiful creatures, but one's you don't want to mess with.  If you visit Laniakea Beach, just remember to enjoy yourself, but be safe and treat the turtles with respect.

If you see a crowd, most likely there's a turtle around.  Many of the turtles enjoy relaxing on the sand, while you can also spot several swimming in the ocean, if you are fortunate enough to be wearing your polarized sunglasses.

If you see a turtle resting, you'll notice a sign with the turtles name on it and a rope around the area to keep people from getting too close.  Everyone seems to light up once a turtle hits the sand.  It's pretty interesting to observe, especially because of how happy and excited people become once they see one. 

As far as I remember, this turtle's name is "Whoolie Bully."  We waited for quite sometime before W.B. landed on the shore to rest.   I'm glad I was able to capture this memorable photo.  It's one of my favorite. 

I would love to spend more time here, just to snorkel or relax on the beach.  It's a beautiful beach and a place you will not want to miss.


  1. That's really cool! I still rememeber back to the college days when one of my friends did his thesis on sea turtle and we had to go to the beach to wait for turtle eggs to hatch in the midnight on beach in Floria! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi John! Wow, it sounds like you had an interesting experience that day =) It would be cool to see something like that. hehe


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