Thursday, June 17, 2010

Landing in Jakarta and the Hyatt in Yogya

I'm finally in Indonesia!  It took three long days for me to arrive here.  It has been an amazing adventure and an experience I will never forget.

From Hawaii, I spent a night in Japan, then flew to Jakarta the following day.  The plane was empty and I was unsure of what to expect once I landed.  In many ways I was terrified, but I was also excited and ready to begin my new adventure.  After landing, it was complete madness and chaos at the airport.

I waited for almost an hour in line with several hundred people.  Fortunately, the line I stood in moved the quickest.  I asked an Australian man nearby, "Is this where we wait?"  We were both confused. It was extremely hot and you could smell burning incense. I noticed people being stopped and interviewed.  I had wondered, "Will I make it to my next flight?"

I went through immigration without a problem.  I picked the right line. I noticed the computer stated "no threat," as the immigration officer returned my passport.  Afterward, it was time to grab my bags.  I'm glad others knew where I should go because I was lost.   I dragged my two heavy bags and felt completely paranoid about receiving any help, but eventually had to give in.

I grabbed my bags and exited the terminal when I noticed a row of money changes in front of me.  They all began to yell to compete for my business.  I quickly scanned the booths for the best rates, as they all started to hold up signs and yell to attract my attention.  I decided to go to the last one with the best rate. It was too funny.

It was overwhelming at the airport and it is not easy to navigate either.  I was completely lost, but a young man helped me find my way.   I tried to refuse his help, but he knew I was lost and wouldn't leave.  In the end, everything worked out and I realized things would be fine.  Throughout my travels, I felt as if someone was always with me.  I had many people along the way who made sure I would be okay from the beginning. 

From Jakarta, I had to fly to Yogyakarta.  There were less and less foreigners. I started to feel lost.  I could barely understand anyone's English. When we landed in Yogya, we didn't have a hard landing, but the aircraft was bouncing like I have never experienced.  It made me laugh.

Once I arrived in Yogyakarta, it was madness once again.  Taxi driver's want to take you to your next stop, but fortunately I booked a hotel with the Hyatt and a taxi.  It made life much easier.

The Hyatt in Yogyakarta is incredible!  Here are some photos from my stay.  It's a 5 star hotel and it only cost $99 for the night.  The service was incredible!  The food excellent.


  1. Good to know that you arrived there safely! Your trip does sound like a big adventure already!

  2. What a looong journey to your destination! I went to Thailand last year and it was very similar. Long layovers, taxi drivers vying for your fare. At least I had a friend with me, I can't imagine doing it alone! Have fun and keep us updated!!

  3. Wow, that looks so amazing! I hope you're having a wonderful time.

    My boyfriend has family in Indonesia, and he speaks fluent Indonesian. I hope to go some day with him!

  4. wow! you've visited indonesia! that's one of my dream destination. I wanna chill in Bali.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments!

    John, it has been an incredible adventure! =)

    Lisa, it sure was long. I'm sure you know exactly how I feel with you Thailand experience. hehehe

    Eleni, you have to visit Indonesia one day! You will love it.

    Janjan, definitely visit Bali! From what I hear, it's a South East Asian paradise.


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