Thursday, June 17, 2010

Arriving in Salatiga, Indonesia

After staying in Yogyakarta for the night, it was time to leave the hotel for my next destination.  As I waited outside of the airport, taxi driver's constantly asked if I needed a ride, but I politely smiled and said "no thanks." I had a ride and was eventually greeted by a friendly face from the school.  Thank goodness!

It was a bumpy, two hour ride to Salatiga.  It was also extremely hot outside.  Extremely.  In fact, I had already consumed 5 bottles of water and it still wasn't enough. 

Once we arrived at the school's guest house, I had a chance to relax.  Here's my lovely room. I actually had a room to myself.

I desperately wanted to call my family too, which came with a set of interesting challenges.   I had a chance to walk around the neighborhood in the evening and met some of my classmates too.  I was already having a blast and was completely intrigued by my interesting surroundings.

The sights and sounds of Indonesia are very different from Hawaii.  There's so much I still have to learn about my surroundings.  The first time I saw a baby on a motorcycle, my mouth dropped. At times, I see entire families on a single motorcycle.  It still amazes me.

I'm still getting used to Indonesia, a place I'm quickly falling in love with.  It's a beautiful country and I hope to explore even more of the region. 

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  1. It looks so much like the country side of lots of Asian countries such as China or Taiwan. Good that you got to the final destination safely.


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