Friday, June 25, 2010

Jalan Sudirman - Salatiga, Indonesia

I love walking through the main street of Salatiga, Jalan Sudirman, where there's always so much happening. There's a traditional market, as well as many shops alongside the street.  There are also a number of food vendors and more. 

The first time I walked on Jalan Sudirman, it was with my class.  We had a tour of the city.  As we were walking, it made me laugh because I always hear people yelling "Hello!"  I also see interesting things around town and it's fun observing the people.

Here are some of my photos from around town:

Jalan Sudirman is a street full of activity and has so much to offer.   Just be careful crossing the street!


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures! It seems that there are quite some small stores and different transportation vichels!

  2. My boyfriend (who lived in Indo for five years) told me, "You'll be amazed to see how traffic works in Indo."

    I said, "And by 'amazed,' do you mean 'horrified'?"

    He said "Probably."

    The cluttered mix of bikes, motorcycles, horse-drawn carriages, and cars is crazy. What a cool place!

  3. John, yes, there are little shops and cars everywhere. It's amazing. hehehe

    Eleni, your bf is right! LOL Anyone who can drive here will have no problem driving in NYC traffic. LOL It's insane, but they seem to have a system down. hehehe I still get scared. LOL


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