Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Harajuku - Tokyo, Japan

What image do you have of Harajuku?

Many of you may be familiar with Harajuku, a place known for shopping and eccentric fashion.  Gwen Stefani also popularized Harajuku through her brand, Harajuku lovers.

When I first stepped out of Harajuku station, my image of the town had been shattered.  Where were all of the costumes and the funky clothes?  I felt I was walking through Rodeo Drive! I was on the wrong side of Harajuku ...

A couple of streets over is what I was looking for ...

This is where you will be able to find affordable, cute, funky, eccentric fashion.  Just be warned that you will barely be able to walk because of all the people.  It's a popular street!

In the middle of the street, there was a place to eat crepes.  Since I was in Harajuku, I had to have one ... 

This man became an attraction.  Tourists got a kick out of this guy, although I heard some Japanese mutter how "gross" this man seemed.  I didn't know why until I noticed he stuffed his bra.

Here's one "cosplay" (costume) store in Harajuku.

More streets filled with shopping ...

Can you believe it?  A Forever 21!

The crowds at Harajuku were insane, but I was able to find some cute clothes there!  It can be tough to find some things because it takes some work, but it was worth the experience.

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