Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Hachiko Statue in Shibuya, Tokyo - Japan

How many of you have heard of the film "Hachi," co-starring Richard Gere?  The movie is based on a true story that took place in Japan during the 1920s.  A Japanese version of the film had been created in the 1980s and had later been adapted into a Hollywood film in 2010.  

If you visit Shibuya Station, you will notice a crowd of people always around the Hachiko statue.  The statue represents an Akita dog, Hachiko, that used to wait for his owner every day, as he returned home from work.  However, when the owner, a college professor, had died of a heart attack at work and had not returned to the station, Hachiko continued to wait until his return not knowing what had happened.  Hachiko continued to wait for his owner for nearly ten years until passing away in the 1930s.  A statue had been dedicated in Hachiko's honor and remains a symbol of true loyalty.  


  1. OMG, I cried and cried during the movie Hatchi. Honestly, I can't watch that movie again. It was too heart wrenching, but it was a really good movie. I think it's easier for Humans to be depressed, but when animals are...I can't handle that.

    Anyway, I want to visit that statute one day. You are so lucky!

  2. I actually never heard of the movie, but now I want to see it. It must have been such a good, heart-felt movie. You should visit one day! You have to take a picture with Hachi. The statue was created in his honor. =)


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