Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monkey Forest Sanctuary - Ubud, Bali

Afterw finding a hotel in Ubud, I walked hours throughout the town, exploring the many restaurants, stores, and other fascinating attractions in the area.  I have no idea how I walked as many hours as I did, but I now know that it's humanly possible to walk from 10:00 a.m. until almost 9:00 p.m. with breaks in between.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Ubud included "Monkey Forest Sanctuary."  The first time I went to the monkey forest, I happened to randomly find it because I had been walking throughout the town.  I was exhausted from all the walking, but I decided I would check the park out.  I almost walked in without paying, but turned around after I noticed a ticket booth as I passed by.

I definitely wasn't prepared to enter the park and I should have known that monkeys like to jump on people and steal your things.  Fortunately, I was lucky because it didn't happen to me.

I paid RP 20,000 ($2.00 USD) to get into the park.  Upon entering the park, I noticed cute monkeys everywhere!  It was really fascinating and I would have wanted to feed them if I wasn't so scared.  I noticed that if you feed the monkeys, they'll want more and will start tugging on you pants or shirt to get your attention.

While walking in the park, I heard a screeching sound, but I ignored it.  I thought, "I wonder what that was?" I was on the phone, walking around with my camera and a large bag when I started to see monkeys fighting.  It seems like the monkeys explode with energy out of nowhere, which makes you laugh, but at the same time freaks you out. I also saw a monkey running with a water bottle and another jump on a man who had bananas. After that, I decided it might be better to continue my phone call outside of the park and return to the monkey forest another day.

As I was leaving the park, a young lady started screaming.  A monkey must have jumped on her or might have tried to grab her bag.  When you are at monkey forest, you may hear quite a few people scream because the monkeys, especially the big one's, like to jump or steal your things.

I had a really good time at the Monkey Forest Sanctuary.  There are a ton of cute monkeys there.  Just watch out for your stuff!  If you are in Ubud, don't miss monkey forest because it's worth your time.  How often do you get to see monkeys?  The ones in Ubud are also much more tame than in other regions too.

I have many more monkey photos that I'll have to share with you all.  One of the photos I took is now a favorite!

If you do visit the monkey forest, have a great time.


  1. Sound like a good adventure! Hope that those monkeys did not bite!

  2. That's so cool! I've never seen a monkey in the wild, though it sounds like those in the park are relatively tamed, being around people who feed them so much. I'd love to go to a place like that, as long as they don't make off with my camera!

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    John, actually, they sometimes do bite! LOL Two people told me they were bitten.

    Eleni, it's pretty cool to see monkeys. I'm sure you'll be fine if you go. If they jump on you, I heard you have to be calm and just stand still or walk slowly. hehehe I'm not sure how that works though... They are pretty tame at the park I went to. You'll love it!


Thank you for your comments!


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