Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cooking Schools Ubud - Satri's Warung

While in Bali, I discovered many interesting things about Balinese culture, especially food.  I set out to study Balinese food and attended a couple of cooking schools, while I also had a chance to interview a couple of Balinese individuals too. 

The first cooking school I went to is called "Satri's Warung."  It costs approximately $15.00 USD (or RP 150,000) for a single class.  The class starts and 11:00 a.m. and you can expect to be finished in an hour or two.

At first, it was a little confusing finding Satri's Warung. There was a sign outside pointing to her restaurant.  You have to walk through an alley with paintings hung all over the walls. Then, I noticed I walked into a housing complex.  There was laundry on people's porches and motorbikes parked outside. A friend and I were confused for a second until a man pointed us in the right direction.

Satri was really sweet.  An older Balinese woman, she has had a restaurant for nearly 22 years.  Although she requires a minimum of 2 people per class, she allowed me to take a class with her by myself because I am a student.  I paid my deposit and began class the following day.

Most cooking schools, I learned, are demonstration based.  I watched Satri cook several Balinese foods and I had a chance to try using a pestle and mortar.

She mentioned how Balinese food is spicy and she wasn't kidding!  I loved the food, but she wasn't lying when she said it was hot.  After my meal, she demonstrated how to make Banana Pudding.  When I thought I couldn't eat any more, there was one more dish to top off the meal.

I learned a lot about Satri and I'm glad to have taken a class at Satri's Warung.  It was a quick guide to Balinese cooking and I received a small recipe book too.

If you are interested in a more detailed class with a market tour, however, I would recommend studying elsewhere.  Satri's Warung seemed to be more of a "quick" learning guide to Balinese food.  I didn't learn too much background information about Balinese food, but I did have an incredible lunch for a good price and a quick demonstration on how to prepare Balinese food too.


  1. Soon you can make some those dishes you learned and post pictures here!

  2. Mmm. They do like their food hot! My boyfriend told me that his step family in Indo puts chili peppers in their macaroni and cheese, haha. Guess it just doesn't taste right unless it's spicy. I need to learn how to cook some Indo food from my boyfriend...and he needs to learn how to cook more things from his step mom.


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