Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ninnikuya - Garlic Restaurant

If you love garlic, Ninnikuya is the perfect place for dinner! Just be sure to bring the breath mints ...

Ninnikuya restaurant is located in Kaimuki at 3196 Wai'alae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96805. It's easy to spot Ninnikuya since its entrance is decorated with blue lights. Inside, the ambiance is casual and relaxed. Ninnikuya opens at 0530 p.m. and closes at 0900 p.m.. I would highly recommend reservations.

The menu items can be quite pricey, but the food is definitely worth it. The crab cakes are too good! With an order of crab cakes, you'll get two round crab cakes stuffed with crab and other bits of seafood, each topped with a different type of sauce. You definitely won't be disappointed.

The seafood pasta with the red garlic sauce also topped my list. There were mussels, shrimp, squid, and scallops in my pasta and it couldn't have tasted any better. I was satisfied. In fact, the portions are incredible! I was able to take home left overs and eat the pasta three times.

Another, "wow" item is the Misoyaki butter fish. I love Misoyaki butterfish and I can definitely say that eating it at Ninnikuya was one of the best experiences ever. The misoyaki butterfish also comes with roasted, mixed vegetables and the rice tasted like it was infused with garlic. I absolutely loved it.

I noticed many people ordered the sizzling steaks, which looked quite appetizing too! There are roasted garlic cloves that come with it. The roasted garlic cloves definitely have a unique taste. My husband thinks they taste like mashed potatoes. However, as delicious as they may be, I would avoid eating too many because you'll definitely feel "strange" the next day. Take my advice. If not, you'll definitely know what it means to have eaten too much garlic.

I really enjoyed Ninnikuya restaurant. However, it is the type of place that you should go to only if you have a good amount of time. The service is great, but you definitely have to be patient! It could be that each dish is individually made or that a lot of time and care is put into making each dish. Whatever the reason, if and when you visit Ninnikuya restaurant, take your time and appreciate the moment with your friends, family, or date. It's a place to relax and enjoy!

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