Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bellows Beach

I had planned to go snorekeling this weekend, but instead we opted to go to Bellows beach. Normally, I try to avoid bellows because I've always ended tumbling in the waves, almost hitting the sand, far too many times. However, this weekend, the water was quite calm. It was definitely the perfect beach day for me!

On the way to Bellows, I noticed how lucky the people who live in the area must be! There are beautiful mountains in their backyards.

The drive along the road to Bellows is amazing. The sky is SO unbelievably blue especially in the summertime.

For the firs time ever, I did not get knocked down by the waves and tumble in the water like I normally do. I had a great time at Bellows. It was a hot, beautiful summer day and the water was tame, just like how I like it. I can't wait till next weekend!

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