Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day

Happy May day! Where exactly did "May day" even originate from? If someone could enlighten me ...

It seems that many people celebrate May day, but the way one celebrates is quite different depending on the state or country you live in.

Growing up in Hawaii, I remember having to take part in performances on May day. I also had to bring a flower lei, which I creatively made with the plumeria flowers taken from the tree in my back yard. I would use a needle to string all of the plumeria into a lei and prayed that it wouldn't turn brown the following day! =) There are so many beautiful flowers here, but plumeria flowers are so abundant that it's much easier to use them if you plan to make your own (although they definitely aren't popular to sell).

I also ate Hawaiian food today, which I don't eat too often. I had poi, which I've never really liked since I always thought it tasted like paste. However, the one I had today from Youngs was pretty good, including all the other food they serve.

Today, one of my old supervisors also gave me a flower lei for May day. It was pretty cool.

I think May will be such an awesome month! I'll be taking a vacation in two weeks also ... I can't wait!

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