Friday, May 1, 2009

Ballroom Dancing

Yesterday, my husband and I went ballroom dancing again. We were really late since we had prior obligations elsewhere, but luckily we still had an hour left to learn how to do the Waltz and the Samba.

The teachers are very friendly and patient, so it's awesome. They encourage you to continue and seem to truly enjoy the company.

Since we have been taking the class because of my husband's anthropology project, we questioned some of the younger couples to see why they were interested in ballroom dancing. Most of the couples are much, much older. There were, however, quite a few young couples. They all seemed to be interested in learning ballroom dancing for fun or to have a great activity to do with their partners. I can see why they chose ballroom dancing because it's definitely good for both reasons.

There was one girl, however, who was quite frustrated. Hopefully, she'll feel better next time.

My husband and I are still very terrible at dancing, but with practice I know we can improve. We really love this new place we are at because they go step by step. You practice the moves quite a bit!

I get lost all the time and sometimes my head spins, but I never could've imagined how fun ballroom dancing could be. I definitely would like to continue. I want to learn other forms of dance too, such as Tahitian hula - if time permits!

After dance class, we went to Yogurt Land. It's such an awesome place! Most people may find the plain yogurt disgusting, but I think it's awesome. It has a natural, tart taste to it. You can add tons of different topings too. I also tried the toasted coconut yogurt. It was okay.

I can't wait till next week Thursday!

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