Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Before dance class, my husband and I ate at Genki Sushi. For those of you who haven't been to Genki yet, it's a pretty good place to eat at. A bunch of different types of sushi are placed on a conveyer belt and slowly move along. All you have to do is grab the one you want and eat! If the sushi you want isn't on the belt, you can always order from their menu.

The one below is pretty popular. It's egg sushi. As you can see, there's more than just raw fish ... The egg is slightly sweetened.

I am not sure what "Ko-Ro-Ke" is called in English. Croquette? Anyway, it's made of potato and is crusted with panko bread crumbs. Sometimes, koroke has vegetables in it (just a little) and some meat. It all really depends! The sauce on top is "tonkatsu sauce." It's good!

Salmon collar ... I heard this isn't eaten very often by most people who may feel this is the inferior part of the fish, but they serve it here and it sure is great. I thought it tasted awesome. It's lightly fried on the outside too.

Spicy tuna is always a favorite ...

"Ika" aka squid sushi... It's pretty good, but for newbies, this may be a difficult one to handle since it can be quite chewy.

Nato ... Most people DEFINITELY cannot handle this one! It's fermented beans and it's slimey. In fact, my husband gagged when trying this one, but for some odd reason, he one day started having cravings for it and now seems to enjoy it A LOT. It's definitely an acquired taste!

There are so many different types of sushi ... The salmon, especially garlic salmon is definitely one of my favorite. Ahi is also quite popular. I love sushi. There are so many different types of sushi out there for a variety of people, so give it a try if you haven't already =)

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