Saturday, August 11, 2012

Watermelon for 9,480 Yen? Outrageous Fruit Prices - Japan

Fruit in Japan can be ridiculously expensive.  

Last summer in Hawaii, I ate 12 watermelons for less than a hundred dollars in total.  In Japan, I have to pay approximately $4.00 for a slice at the supermarket.  This is "average."

However, I was SHOCKED by the price of a watermelon I saw in Osaka.  Guess how much this watermelon cost?  9,450 yen which is over a hundred dollars!

I am still wondering, "how do they determine a $10.00 watermelon from one that is $100.00?"  At the supermarket this summer, the cheapest whole watermelon I've seen is a little over $10.00, but $100.00 is insane.  

Watch out for prices when you buy fruit in Japan.  Don't get mixed up with the numbers!

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