Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hamazushi - Nissin City, Aichi - Japan

In Japan, it seems so hi-tech at times ...

The first time I ate at Hamazushi, a chain sushi restaurant near my apartment, I was confused about how to order my food.

When you first enter the restaurant, you have to punch in how many people are in your party and if you'd like to sit at a table or a counter.  A receipt prints out and you wait until your number is called in Japanese.  For those who don't speak Japanese, this can be a complex chore.

Next, once you are seated, it's time to order food from your personal digital menu.  You can select what items you want and when it's ready, your sushi will come out on a special plate (high, black boat) with music playing to signal that it's approaching your table/counter on the conveyor belt.  There are other items that are on the conveyor belt for anyone to grab, but the one's on the special plates are orders from the digital menu.

When you need assistance from wait staff, you press the green button to the right and when you are ready to pay your bill, you press the yellow button below it.

I wanted to let you know this because if you eat at one of these places, you might accidentally pick up someone's ordered food on the conveyor belt.  I am sure it happens a lot since there are so many foreign students around here (like me!) who get confused for the first time.  Thankfully, someone taught me how to do this beforehand, but I'm sure I would have picked one up if no one told me.

They also offer green tea at Hamazushi.  Grab a cub, add some green tea powder, and fill it with hot water from a faucet at your table.

While it may be a challenge to order food initially, the price to eat sushi is dirt cheap!

A plate of sushi (two pieces) is 105 yen each. It's a little more than a dollar ...

Today, I had 4 plates of sushi (420 yen) and a slice of milk crepe cake (210 yen).  I ate for less than 1000 yen, which is great for a student budget.

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