Sunday, November 20, 2011

My First Acupuncture Treatment

Today, I fulfilled another one of my 101 in 1001 goals.  I experienced my first acupuncture treatment!  I always wanted to try acupuncture and I'm glad I did because it was a unique experience.

For my first treatment, I let the acupuncturist know about my headaches and any other concerns.  He checked my pulse and looked at my tongue, which determines one's general health.  According to the acupuncturist, I was tired and dehydrated based on his observations.  He was right because the night before, I had a miserable headache and didn't eat anything or drink much since the day before.  I could barely sleep too.

Next, I prepared to have needles placed on both of my ears and one on my hand.  I was nervous because I hate pain, but thankfully it didn't hurt.   Once the needles were in, the acupuncturist pressed certain pressure points on my body and let me relax.   

The acupuncturist returned again and started a cupping treatment on my back.  Since it was my first treatment, it was left on for only 8-10 minutes to ensure my skin could handle the pull.  Luckily, my skin could handle it, although I am now wondering how long it will take for these red cup marks to disappear off of my back.

The cupping treatment was a little sore.  I didn't want to talk, move, cough, or anything because I could feel the cups pull.  I merely closed my eyes and tried to relax.  I'm glad I didn't see what cupping looked like before experiencing it. I was already feeling nervous and seeing these gruesome photos might have made me queasy.  Just kidding! However, after experiencing the treatment, I would try it again.  It's supposed to take out toxins from one's body.  It wasn't bad at all ...

At the end of the treatment, I felt extremely relaxed!  It was such a great experience.  I look forward to my next appointment since I have two more treatments to go!


  1. that's so cool. I've always wanted to try acupuncture. I always see those groupon coupons for acupuncture and it seems so tempting to buy.

    I'm sorry for your bad headaches. I hate headaches! Well, I hope you feel better.

  2. Hope that it helps on your headaches!

  3. Aside from relief from pain, acupuncture can also bring positive health benefits. Acupuncture works by targeting the “energy points” on your body, so that the energy in your body would be balanced. Areas in your body that have excess energy will have reduced load while those that are deficient in energy will get more. Acupuncture can also help you attain emotional balance, which is extremely helpful if you’re depressed, anxious, or worried.

  4. That feels nice, I'm thinking of getting one too. So what kind of acupuncture technique did you have, Oriental or Western?

  5. Hello! I had the treatment done in Hawaii but I'm not too sure on the specific type or technique used. I would try it out, but make sure they are licensed. It truly makes a difference if they are skilled or not too. You can find reviews on yelp and view the acupuncturists website (if available) ahead of time. I hope you have a great experience!


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