Sunday, October 30, 2011

My First Football Game

I finally went to my first football game.  I never liked watching sports, but I had such a good time at the game between the University of Hawaii and New Mexico that I wanted to return. 

I never imagined I would actually enjoy a football game.  It was so exciting and fun.  I cheered like crazy and stuffed myself silly with junk food.  Who can resist kettle corn and nachos?

I have been to the Aloha Stadium while other football games have played, but I was one of the beer servers, trying to raise money for school.  Now, I've finally experienced what it is like to be a spectator.


  1. It's a little crazy how contagious it can be isn't it? I don't really get into sports on the television. But whenever I go in person - the excitement is infectious. For my first professional game attendance, my dad dragged me to a baseball game. I don't even remember who the teams were. I was about 9. I won a baseball hat in their raffle of seat #'s. Great way to hook a kid.

  2. Yes, I agree! It's very infectious being around a screaming, energetic crowd. hehehe That's cool that you won a hat!

  3. Now you can watch all the college bowl games around New Year! And that stadium did not look was full...


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