Monday, June 11, 2012

Takoyaki Museum - Osaka, Japan

At Universal City Walk, I saw a sign for a "Takoyaki museum" which sounded interesting.  Takoyaki is a popular food in Osaka (and around Japan).  It's gooey dough balls stuffed with pieces of octopus.

I first thought I would enter the museum to learn more about Takoyaki, but I discovered that the Japanese use the word "museum" to also describe areas where there are a number of the shops and restaurants of the same type.

The Takoyaki musuem was exactly that because it wasn't a museum, but a bunch of takoyaki restaurants and a Takoyaki gift shop.

Of course, I like Takoyaki on the street the most, but the mochi and cheese Takoyaki was amazing at the Takoyaki Museum.

Check it out if you have time and are in the area ...

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  1. I have not checked your blog for a long time! Good to read all the fun things you post from Japan!


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