Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Koko Head - Revisited

On Thursday, I went for an early morning hike at Koko Head.  I woke up early to hike at 7 a.m. and it was completely worth it!

The first time I went to Koko Head, I nearly died.  It was hot outside with the glaring sun in my face.  I could barely hike and needed to take constant breaks.  I also noticed a ton of people resting on the side of the path because they were out of shape.   I was one of them!

After hiking at Koko Head for the first time, it was much easier to return and hike again though.  I had been working out and it made a difference.  However, my poor friend who came with me to Koko Head nearly died.  She stopped 1/4 of the way because she felt dizzy and wanted to faint. The first time is always the hardest!

This time, however, Koko Head was a worthwhile challenge.  The sun wasn't beaming yet and there was a slight breeze, which helped make the hike that much more enjoyable.  There were hardly any people around too!

I thought the hike was much easier than times before, but I still struggle with one part of the hike. I'm afraid of heights and there is one section of the hike where there is no ground below you.  It isn't too high up, but enough for someone like me to want to crawl with my hands and feet to get through it.  Next time, I'll have to take the alternate path to avoid it, which is supposedly to the right of the trail.

It felt wonderful to finally finish hiking Koko Head.  My legs were shaky afterward because of the strenuous activity, but I felt recharged.

If you plan to go to Koko Head, I would recommend an early morning or late afternoon visit.  Also, do not forget to wear sunscreen.

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  1. The picture are so beautiful! Great that you got to visit there again!


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