Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11, 2011

I slept through the tsunami warning and woke up to good news.  It never hit us! Now, we are waiting for an "all clear." 

I can't wait to go outside though and enjoy the outdoors.

I actually almost went to school until my friend texted me.  I'm glad school has been cancelled though because my external hardrive is not working.  My files have vanished with all of my graduate school work, favorite overseas photos, and more.  I'm praying my father will be able to fix my external, so I can have all of my files back! 

Now, i'm scrambbling to get work done before Monday! 

For now, however, I will using my free time wisely.  It is my friend's birthday tonight also, so it will be a wonderful celebration and a weekend full of fun!


  1. Oh no...I hate when my term papers mysteriously go missing. That happens a lot. I think it's partly my fault because I'm doing my papers late at night and MAYBE...just maybe I forget to save it.

  2. I know! Actually, i'm having problems with my external because it was plugged into a mac and I have a PC. I never knew that it would ruin my external! I thought it was universal.


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